Sheet Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April

Sheet Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Sheet Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April
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Sheet Moss, Hypnum curvifolium

Sheet Moss (Hypnum curvifolium) 

Sheet Moss: TN Nursery supplies its customers with the most luxurious sheet moss you could wish for. Sheet Moss, or Hypnum curvifolium, is a species of moss that grows naturally in a carpet-like pattern on dead trees and wood.  

Despite its woodsy heritage, gardeners use sheet moss to complete lawns or stone walkways that need a fuller appearance, especially on forested or densely wooded properties. It is perfect! This moss performs best in a moist, shaded area or semi-shaded location, out of direct sunlight. 

You might also hear some gardeners call it by the other common names: 

  • Log moss
  • Brocade moss
  • Feather moss
  • Carpet moss
  • Fern moss  

Each of those describes the same plant--Hypnum curvifolium. 

 Depending on environmental factors, this moss appears yellow-green to bright-green, with a slightly fuzzy appearance. It looks like a plush green carpet once it matures. 

 Hypnum curvifolium Looks Lavish in Your Landscaping. 

 If you have a sparse lawn due to a lack of sunshine or a stone or brick walkway that needs some greenery between each step, consider adding sheet moss.  

 Hypnum curvifolium has a classic charm that adds the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping projects.  

Besides giving your finished look a charming look, adding moss to bare spots in your yard can help decrease soil erosion and help retain the soil's nutrients. 

 How Else Can You Use Sheet Moss? 

While some apply sheet moss to their landscaping projects, it is also a helpful houseplant and is relatively easy to propagate.  

Many people grow sheet moss in a terrarium, where it provides a soft texture and emits a mild, spring-like fragrance. It is easy to grow, so it makes an excellent choice for beginners who want to add some character to their terrarium project. Just be sure to provide this moss species with plenty of airflow to keep it healthy and maintain its vibrant appearance.  

Sheet Moss Is a Carefree Plant 

Once you choose a shaded to a partially-shaded location in your yard and plant your sheet moss, it will take over from there. It requires minimal care, other than a long drink of water if you have a hot spell. 

 Order Sheet Moss Hypnum curvifolium From TN Nursery

TN Nursery takes pride in shipping fresh-dug, healthy specimens to our customers. Order your sheet moss with confidence.

Sheet Moss (Hypnum curvifolium) For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Customer Reviews

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warren beam
new moss lawn

product shipped fast and was of good quality.will wait for results. could use more info on planting and what to do to maintain and promote growth.

Looks nice

Placed the sheet moss on top of the soil on all my houseplants. Looks much nicer.

penny s fitzgerald
sheet moss

These arrived fresh and alive! Nice looking moss! Hopefully, from here on out, they thrive.

Sheet moss

Green and healthy

We’re really grateful and appreciate you taking the time to share your rating with us, Len. We hope to see you shopping with us again!

Good, thick moss

I had hoped sheet moss would come as a sheet, but comes in hand sized pieces. No problem,