Sphagnum Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April

Sphagnum Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Sun Or Shade

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Shade Gardens

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Sphagnum Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April
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Sphagnum Moss (Spagnum centrale)

Sphagnum Moss: You might better recognize spaghnum moss by its more widely known name, peat moss. This mossy plant is beloved by gardeners who cultivate this moss to add nutrients and retain moisture in their soil. 

Gardeners in drought-prone areas benefit from using sphagnum moss as a ground cover plant to minimize their need for water.

Sphagnum moss is especially helpful for people who grow herb gardens, vegetables, berry plants, or flower gardens in locations that require a lot of sunshine that parches the earth. Amending the soil with dead sphagnum moss can help increase the garden's moisture retention, absorbing water not allowing to go in the ground.

Besides being fantastic for adding nutrients and locking in water, sphagnum moss provides lovely green foliage that spreads relatively quickly. It's a beautiful addition to any shade garden.

Sphagnum Moss Contributes to a Healthy Ecosystem

Some call sphagnum moss an environment manipulator. As it grows, it can change the makeup of the ecosystem. Sphagnum absorbs minerals like magnesium and calcium and then releases hydrogen ions acidifying the environment. This process makes growing Sphagnum centrale an ideal way to acidify more alkaline soils naturally without using harsh chemical treatments. 

Some plants that benefit from this acidification process include berries, orchids, tomatoes, and other fruits. 

Sphagnum Moss Retains Water Like Nobody's Business

You might call sphagnum moss a moisture magnet. This mossy plant has a cell structure that retains significant amounts of moisture. The plant has a barrel shape with tiny, sponge-like openings that pull in a surprisingly large amount of water. 

After it collects the humidity, sphagnum moss expels the water into the surrounding area. As the peat moss continues reproducing and expanding its footprint, it creates puddles around it that grow in size with the expansion of the spread of the moss.

As older sphagnum dies, it adds nutrients to the soil and will decompose slowly, becoming an excellent, moisture-rich compost and potting mix.

Sphagnum moss should be part of your plan to grow a more resilient, self-sufficient garden.

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Sphagnum centrale is an excellent groundcover and companion planting that replaces moisture in your soil. Order your peat moss from TN Nursery today. 

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Customer Reviews

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Phil Baker
Sphagnum Moss - Package of 5 square feet

I tried growing this in a space of my lawn and I can say I was able to achieve my goal. Having this crawl and grow in the dry area is a success.

Emilia Oaks

no problem so far.its pretty good.Packing was done nicely.

Received the product

I ordered 3 types of moss. This type was delivered, the other two were not. The company shipped extra sphagnum moss to compensate for not delivering the other types.

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss arrived looking fairly green and still moist even with long shipping times due to outside circumstances. After a few days of care it appears to be doing fine still. Maybe a bit more green? There were some ants and a couple spiders as well as a few leaves and sticks but very minimal. Not a moss aficionado but looks great and price was good too.

Brandy W.
Sphagnum Moss

Lots of moss, more than I needed actually. Got a few spiders, pine needles and leaves. But, all in all after a clean and treatment to be sure I don't give any unwanted critters to my beloved Carnivorous plant babies, it will be a great addition to my bog!