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Elderberry Bush

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Elderberry Bush



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Elderberry Shrub 

Elderberry , a deciduous, multi-stemmed, small tree, is a native species to the United States. Elderberry shrub is a hardy tree that flourishes across almost all contiguous 48 states.

TN Nursery recommends this shrub to customers who want a species that is drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and agreeable. Elderberry produces edible fruits that some people harvest for personal use. However, many other gardeners leave the plump berries for the birds and wildlife to enjoy. 

Besides "elderberry," the following are a few other common names that refer to this species: 

  • American elder
  • American elderberry
  • Common elderberry
  • Elder tree 

The Elderberry Shrub Is Super Easy to Grow 

This species grows in nature with no human intervention. You see them along ditch banks, on the south- or west-facing edges of woods, along light or utility lines, or in open fields. These spots represent their preference for full sunshine or a partially sunny location.

When you plant your elderberry shrub, find a spot with the appropriate sunlight and recreate the woody material the species enjoys in the woods. Add a good handful of hardwood mulch, peat moss, compost, or leaf litter--it craves these woody materials. A young elderberry tree requires about one inch of water each week. 

After strengthening and growing a little bit, your elderberry tree will become relatively carefree. It will demand nothing of you except water during an extended drought. 

The Rustic Good Looks of the Elderberry Shrub 

Elderberry shrubs are shrub-like and rounded in shape. They grow as high as twelve feet tall and might grow as wide. 

Opposing, bright green compound leaves grow in clusters of seven to eleven leaflets. They are oval-shaped with a narrow tip, light to bright green, and up to six inches long. They have sharply serrated edges. In autumn, the leaves usually turn bright yellow to deep amber.

They blossom profusely in late spring or early summer--many quarter-inch cream-colored flowers that occur in clusters produce fat, round, purple to black berries. 

Order Your Elderberry Shrub From TN Nursery 

If you want an easy-care plant that provides abundant berries for yourself or your feathered friends, TN Nursery suggests the elderberry shrub--order yours today. 

Customer Reviews

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Received! Elderberry, Goldenseal, Yarrow

I just received my plants. The elderberry is all dried out and wilted. The yarrow and Goldenseal in a plastic bag. No instructions, not even on the website, no packing slip. Stay tuned….

Margaret McNamara

So far so good. Elderberry is planting—but awaiting signs of growth. Better to ask me in a month or so…

Ellen Dauchy
Elderberry Delight

The tree arrived quickly and larger than expected. I’m very pleased!!!

Thanks for the 5 stars Ellen, your review is a great way to let us know we’re on track for making our customers smile! We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Tim Smith
Healthy looking plant

I ordered several native shrubs, they arrived when requested, they looked healthy w/ string roots, and the packaging was fantastic. A great value. Will be ordering more.

Rob Johnson

They were in great shape