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Cinnamon Fern

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Cinnamon Fern



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Cinnamon Fern: Osmunda cinnamomea

Cinnamon Fern: Osmunda cinnomonea, or the cinnamon fern, is a native species to the eastern half of North America. You might find these plants in swamps or bogs if you were hiking through hardwood forests. However, you will most likely find them in shade gardens throughout the United States.  

TN Nursery customers love these lush-looking plants. They are effortless to take care of, requiring little water or assistance from the gardener. Furthermore, they resist deer, disease, and other pests, while their shady fronds create a shady oasis for frogs and toads when they need a reprieve from the summer heat. 

Cinnamon Fern Earns its Name 

Cinnamon fern takes its name from its most distinctive feature--the auburn-colored spikes that develop as the plant matures.  

The delicate new fronds will emerge in the early spring and unfurl their tender leaves. The ferns grow taller and broader for several weeks, creating vibrant green leaflets that appear in pairs and have a gently toothy outer edge.  

During the summer, the fertile fronds will produce spikes. As they mature, those spikes will grow taller and turn to a rich, deep cinnamon color. 

The cinnamon fern grows between three and five feet high and across; they spread quickly. 

Where to Plant Osmunda cinnamomea 

As a woodland native species, the cinnamon fern prefers a shady or semi-shady spot in your yard. They also prefer more acidic soil, as you might find around pine trees in the forest.  

They also love moisture. Cinnamon fern is a typical recommendation when customers call TN Nursery asking what to plant in a slow-draining location that needs a bit of refreshing greenery to brighten it up. 

They multiply and can add life to those challenging spots in a relatively short time.  

Cinnamon Fern Is Used By Gardeners 

Cinnamon fern is a perennial that can help fill in bare spots of the yard with little watering or care. The ferns grow in colonies attached by a dense root system. Because they multiply at a fantastic speed, gardeners find they can separate them from enlivening other areas that need a touch of greenery. 

Once they take hold, you will have plenty to add to containers, hanging pots, shade gardens, or for sharing with friends.  

Cinnamon Fern is Available to Purchase At TN Nursery

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Lowery
Fern and vine

My items arrived in in a timely manner and they looked healthy.

Thanks for the 5-star review, Debbie. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

Katie Haeckel
Only 2 have sprouted

I planted all in the same day (the day they arrived) in the same material & water the same. Only 2 have sprouted.

Shelby Johnston
Cinnamon fern

Five stars!! I ordered one and got two! Also they are both already growing amazingly!

Shelby, thank you for sharing your experience with us and community! We are glad to hear that you enjoy our plants.

Joe Bellanca

Roots arrived and were planted

Thanks for the 5-star review, Joe. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

William Cox
Cinnamon Fern Root/Bulbs

I have planted in small pots in my greenhouse and will plant in early spring.