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Red Chokeberry

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Red Chokeberry



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Red Chokeberry Aronia arbutifolia

Red Chokeberry: Aronia arbutifolio, the red chokeberry shrub, is a deciduous North American native species that will flourish in the moderately warm USDA growing zones. TN Nursery customers express interest in this shrub for the season-long colors, from the showy white spring flowers to the dark green foliage to the cheerful red berries in the fall.

The red chokeberry shrub is a North American native, low-maintenance species, requiring little more than twice-yearly fertilizer, about an inch of water a week, and occasional trimming to maintain an attractive shape. It prefers a balance of sun and shade.

Red Chokeberry Shrubs Serve as a Refuge for Birds

TN Nursery recommends the red chokeberry to our customers who are avid about bird watching.

Birds find Aronia arbutifolio irresistible. They love the dense canopy, which provides cover from predators--you may get to watch ground-dwelling birds like quails build their nests in the low branches. Later in the season, they will feast on the red fruit, a highly nutritious food source for your feathered friends.

The Beautifully-Shaped Appearance of the Red Chokeberry Shrub

Red chokeberry grows to an average mature height of ten feet and six feet across at its crown. The shrub grows in a vase shape--a narrowed bottom that forms multiple reddish brown twigs and branches and stretches wider at the top.

The lovely leaves are dark green and glossy on the upper side and less vibrant underneath, with an oblong shape. Each leaf measures up to three inches long and under two inches wide. They usually turn red or orange in the fall.

Flowers emerge along the branches in the mid to late spring. The blooms are small but abundant, making a beautiful display. The five-petal blossoms form in attractive clusters; each is about an inch across and forms a delicate cup shape. You will likely see bees and butterflies visit them for the sweet nectar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Vicki Meininger

My Chokeberry is very happy - it's starting to bud. Hope it doesn't bloom too early - we're do for some freezing temperatures this week.

Rachel Meador
Anticipating spring growth

The plants arrived well packaged with clear instructions regarding planting and what to do if I couldn't plant immediately (which I couldn't). I actually wound up with two pieces of shrub rather than just one. Planted them together and I'm looking forward to seeing how they grow as spring rolls around.

Isabel Wilson
Red Chokeberry

This little flowery white shrub gives a refreshing sight around your garden. So excited to bear fruits as it blooms.

red chokeberry

Arrived well packaged. I am looking forward to this plant in my garden. I am making a butterfly and bird garden and was I lookilng for a plant that would do well in a wet area. My previous plants did not survive the winter and I am looking forward to these plants surviving and making my garden everything I had hoped for.

Red Chockberry

I promptly received the tree in good condition. It is bare-root so will have to see if it takes off and grows. Not able to comment on the quality of the tree until it grows.