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The Cleveland Pear Tree is a tree that can be planted in your garden to get white colored beautiful flowers during the spring season.

The flowers bloom and show their wonderful effect during the months of late March and early April.

The scientific name of Cleveland Pear is Pyrus calleryana. This tree is from the Bradford Pear Tree family, and it is much sturdier than the other species when it comes to storms. During storms and strong winds, the branches of a Bradford Pear Tree can split and create a mess in your garden. The Cleveland Pear Tree is sturdier than the Bradford Pear Tree and has skinny branches so which makes it a better option for areas that are prone to storms.

Unlike the Bradford Pear Tree that scatters seeds across your garden and new trees emerge; the Cleveland Pear Tree does not do the same because they do not have seeds.

Growing your Cleveland Pair

This tree is a mid-sized tree and can hold snow and ice due to its durable branches. They grow 20 – 30 feet in height and around 15 feet in spread. This tree can grow in clay soil. However, a moist and fertile soil is preferred. During summers the tree wears dark green color, and as autumn approaches they show beautiful purple, red and yellow hues.

This tree is mostly disease and pest resistant and requires less attention. You can find rows of these trees in urban areas along the driveway or pathways.

Cleveland Pear is considered to be a perfect tree for shade and because of this reason people love to grow them in their backyard. Some people grow them for ornamental reasons as look very distinct and appealing during spring. They can occasionally be pruned to maintain the desired shape.

Cleveland Pear Tree is ideal for home gardens because of their durability, size, and less maintenance.

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