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Chokeberry Plants are North American native

Chokeberries (or aronia) are native to North America, super tasty and have a massive range of health benefits. What better reasons could you need to buy chokeberry trees right now? If you garden in zone 3-9, then grab your chokeberry bushes now, and you’ll soon be experiencing the benefits of growing your chokeberries.

Affordable red and black chokeberry bushes
We work hard to bring you everyday, low grower prices. As a result, our chokeberry bushes are super affordable, starting at only $13.99 for one 2-3 foot bush or $14.99 for two.

Chokeberry Plants are cheaper when bought in bulk

Want more? We also offer great bulk discounts. Five chokeberry bushes are just $39.99, and you can save even more on 25 or 100 trees.

And we don’t just sell one color. We stock a beautiful, red chokeberry bush as well as a beautiful, black chokeberry tree. Both produce super tasty berries, and we highly recommend you plant one of each so you can experience the benefits of both.

Chokeberries are reported to improve digestion, help with weight loss, and protect the immune system. Having such vibrant colors, they also contain pigments that protect the body from free radicals and slow the effects of aging — eating both colors will give you more protection. Chokeberries provide many other benefits too — they can reduce your risk of contracting certain kinds of cancer, and they can lower blood pressure. So start growing them today!

Chokeberry Plants can be pruned into a small tree or grow into a small shrub

Chokeberries — a small tree or large shrub
Chokeberry plants grow to about 3-6 feet at maturity. As a result, some people call them chokeberry trees, while others deem them chokeberry bushes. Whatever you want to call them, chokeberry plants produce delicious fruit so you should buy one now!

Pro tip:
Chokeberry bushes grow best in slightly acidic soil (pH 6-6.5), but they’ll do well in most soil types with a pH of 5-8. They’ll tolerate pretty waterlogged soil but will produce more fruit when grown in soil that has good drainage.


So if you want to grab a great deal on some super tasty chokeberry bushes, all our chokeberry trees look beautiful, produce beautiful fruit and have an attractive price.