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Flowering Shrubs

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Cheap flowering shrubs

Many gardeners think their best options for beautiful flowers are annuals and herbaceous perennials. That’s a real shame because there are some truly stunning flowering bushes. Thankfully we have a range of cheap, flowering shrubs to suit every US state and hardiness zone.

Brilliant color

If bright colors are your thing, we have a range of shrubs that produce bright, bold, colorful flowers. With crisp whites, clear yellows, bright reds, true purples, hot pinks and bold blues there’s something for every palette. And it’s not just about colorful flowers — we have several shrubs, like our chokeberries, that produce brightly colored berries too.

Fragrant flowers for a heavenly garden scent

If you want your landscape to be perfumed with subtle floral scents or bold bouquets then you’ll be chuffed by our range of fragrant, flowering shrubs. Whether sweet hibiscus plants or more unusual shrubs like our fragrant sumac are your thing, we’ve got something to tickle your fancy.

Flowering shrubs at a great price

If affordability is your primary concern, you’ll be pleased to learn our flowering shrubs are great value with prices starting as low as $10.99 for one shrub or a cheap $14.99 for two.

Pro tip:

It’s not just people that appreciate beautiful, fragrant, colorful blooms. Bees and other beneficial insects like certain species and many birds feast on flower nectar or the berries and seeds that come after. Why not choose a selection of flowering shrubs that you love and reserve a few choices for flowering bushes that you know will please your local wildlife as well.

So if you want cheap flowering shrubs, our selection includes varieties that look great, smell fabulous and grow well in your climate. Buy your new favorite flowering shrub now for as little as $10.99.