NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Uses of Carolina Snailseed

Carolina Snailseed is an excellent plant to use for that natural look around old buildings and also on fences and walls. You can plant this vine around an old building, and it will grow on the sides to give it a wonderfully natural look.

This vine is also a great one if you like watching birds. The cedar waxwings will love to feed on the small red berries that this vine will produce. This vine will also grow on tree trunks. You will also be able to decorate a fence or a wall using this vine. You will have the same effect with the birds, and they will love this vine. That would also make a great vine to cover a trellis or arbor in your garden. It would be beautiful with its luscious green color and red berries. You can order these vines from TN Nursery. You may want just one, or you may want to purchase several of these to add that natural look to your lawn or gardens. You will receive these in top-quality condition, and they will be ready for you to plant when they arrive at your door. When ordering from an online plant nursery, you will also be guaranteed to receive the best prices around. This vine will attract a variety of native birds, and you will enjoy watching these as they feed on this vine. This vine will produce tiny white flowers before the red berries appear.

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