Carex Intumsecens - Bladder Sedge

Carex Intumsecens - Bladder Sedge

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The Bladder Sedge grows from 1’to 2’ tall with basal leaves that can grow from 3” to 10” long.

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Carex Intumescens- Bladder Sedge

The Carex Intumsecens - Bladder Sedge is a spindly, grass-like plant with dark green foliage. It’s delicate, hollow stems stretch from a bushy clump of leaves at the bottom of the plant and are topped with a cluster of whiteish green teardrop-shaped seed sacs. These sacs, or perigynium, point upward or sideways. The perigynium cluster contains one male staminate that can grow up to 2” at the top with the female pistillate sacs below. The Bladder Sedge grows from 1’to 2’ tall with basal leaves that can grow from 3” to 10” long. The leaves are rough textured, especially around the edges of the blade-shaped leaves. Around the base of the leaves is a sheath that is reddish or purple, while the leaf sheaths are translucent white with a U-shaped opening wrapped loosely around the leaves. Most of the leaves on this plant grow near the base, though the leaves that grow farther up the stem can develop over the top of the cluster. Similar to ornamental grasses, the Carex Intumescens grow in clumps. This particular member of the Sedge family is often mistaken for the Carex Grey, though the Grey perigynium point in all directions. While all Sedges are perennial, grass-like groundcover, the Carex Intumescens are exclusively found in North America. Carex Intumsecens - Bladder Sedge is a native plant in marshy areas in the Eastern United States and Canada, though it is mainly in Hardy Planting Zones 4 through 7 where the soil is either permanently or seasonally saturated. Forests, wetlands, marshes, and floodplains are natural habitats, though fully shaded or partially shaded areas are more likely to have Bladder Sedge plants. The active growth occurs in the spring and summer months, and the speed is described as moderate, while the plant itself lives over two years. Carex Intumsecens - Bladder Sedge