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Captivating Shrubs

Captivating Shrubs

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19 , 2018


The vast variety and versatility offered by bushes are one of the primary reasons why they're a beloved landscaping staple of gardens all over the world. They can form an attractive privacy hedge or function as specimen plantings. 

Because many shrubs are among the first flowering plants of the season, homeowners often choose to plant them in places where they'll be noticed as soon as they begin to put on their annual floral show.Few things refresh the spirits at the end of a tedious winter more than the first sighting of bloom on a camellia or Chaenomeles bush, and the sun-colored bracts of forsythia welcome many tired souls into the beginning of the new season. 

Fragrant flowers

Fragrant flowers are another advantage that they offer; anyone who has ever planted a Daphne near the front door can tell you how just opening the door the first thing in the morning can be a magical experience when this plant is in bloom.

Because many new construction projects involve smaller lots than those of decades past, shrubs are an excellent landscaping option for those who are purchasing brand new homes. They are also much more comfortable to care for than full-sized trees because their size makes them more accessible for pruning and other maintenance tasks. They are different much less challenging to plant than their larger counterparts. They can be planted bare root as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring or from containers during the spring and fall. Be sure to read the cultural requirements carefully before planting so that you can ensure that the plants thrive.

The majority of these plants reach less than 4 feet tall, making them perfect for use in a variety of situations.

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