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 There are a variety of beautiful hibiscus plants that thrive in zone 10. You can plant them in entire sun areas, and they are also an attractive choice as a container plant indoors or outdoors. The perennial hibiscus plants bloom with pretty colorful flowers. Color choices include vibrant red, pink, orange, and purple. 




 Daylilies require minimal care. Daylilies will thrive with light watering in the early part of the day or the last hours of the afternoon rather than in the midday sun. Daylilies will continue to bloom throughout the summer and frequently beyond. As the old flowers dry up, snip them off to encourage new blooms, and enjoy your colorful Daylily plant over and over again. 


 Solomon Seal


 Solomon Seal is a plant that exudes both beauty and stature. It can reach about 12 inches in height and even grow up to two or more feet. A Solomon Seal plant typically blooms starting from early Spring through the summer. Its blossoms are white accented by its pretty bell-like shape. By late Summer, deep blue-black berries will continue to show off their beauty.




 The Trillium plant is also known as Painted Trillium and Painted Lady, and it is as pretty as a picture. The Painted Trillium is a beloved addition to many Tennessee gardens. Painted Trillium is a flowering plant that blooms five-inch large red flowers; The leaves are a unique blade-like shape that aptly frames the magnificent red blossoms. 




 The Violet plant stands out for its beautiful purplish flowers. Violets thrive in the warm and somewhat humid weather during the Spring months. They require very little care. Water them just enough to keep the soil moist, and your Violet plants will provide you with months of natural beauty.

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