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Height At Maturity

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Buy Small or Large Plants at Specific Maturity Sizes from Tn Nursery 

Each garden has different needs. Whether your garden is indoors, or out, in a full plant bed or in pots, the truth is that not all plants will fit into all gardens. While this can be an issue for many gardeners as they decide what to plant for the season, we have decided to create a special tool to help in the decision-making process. 

We are offering a feature here that will make it easier for customers to choose plants by height. This refers to the estimated height of the plant at maturity. As all gardeners know, plants may grow to be higher or shorter than their estimated height, depending on planting factors, but knowing the height of a plant is crucial knowledge for anyone deciding to create a garden on a balcony, indoors, or in pots. 

Height at Maturity will help determine which plants to plant where

We have created categories based on height; this will make it easier for gardeners to only view the plants that will fit into their gardening space. These filters show flowers, herbs, and other plants that reach various heights. 

Small plants are best suited for indoor pots or small balconies, providing gardeners with limited space the chance to still have some greenery around the house. Because the plants are small, their blooms or harvest will not be as large as other plants but will still prove to be valuable. 

Height at Maturity is especially important for privacy rows 

Medium plants do well on larger apartment balconies and in some indoor spaces, provided they are given large enough pots to grow in. Vine plants, such as tomatoes, may also work but will need to be groomed on a regular basis in order to cut back on growth. 

Large plants do best in outdoor gardens, where they have the room to grow. They will not fare well in pots or on balconies, as their roots grow deep into the soil. 

We understand that gardeners must take a lot into consideration when choosing their plants. The hardest thing is to buy a plant and have it too high for the spot it was meant to grow in. We hope that by adding this feature, making a choice will become much easier.

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