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Moss For Shade

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The Advantages of Planting Shade Moss
Have you ever wandered through a garden and discovered beautiful shade moss covering the ground? This successful planting thrives in moist, sheltered locations. It delights many avid gardeners by creating an especially useful companion planting for trees and rock gardens.

Just consider some of the practical advantages you'll receive by selecting shade moss. You won't regret your decision to choose this lovely item as a stylish addition to your grounds:

1. Moss helps prevent soil erosion by furnishing a thick vegetative ground cover. Although it grows comparatively low in height, it does expand within its planting area to furnish thick green carpeting. For example, your grounds recently sustained muddy runoff, adding moss help stabilize loose topsoil eventually.

2. This affordable planting complements many different types of terrains. It suits naturally wooded backyards and formal gardens alike. Sometimes gardeners use moss to fill in cracks between patios and other landscaping structures, such as fountains or statuary. Moss will thrive on hillsides and rocky exposures, too. Its versatility often makes it an excellent choice to fill in "problem spots" in the garden.

3. A rich covering of moss enhances the appearance of yards and gardens in unique ways: it contributes to the charm of both residential and commercial settings. Moss enjoys a lustrously green, velvety quality. It provides a charming addition to quiet shaded locations.

4. Moss also pleases many avid gardeners because it does not usually demand extensive efforts to cultivate successfully. One it becomes established, you likely won't need to expend a lot of time caring for it. This beautiful plant makes an outstanding choice for virtually any shaded garden bed border.

5. Moss grows well in terrariums, too! If you enjoy building these indoor miniature landscapes, then you might enjoy adding some moss to your creation. Its low height and soft texture allow it to enhance terrarium features without overshadowing them.