NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Plants Perfect For Zone 8 

If you reside in hardiness zone 8, you've got a variety of choices when it comes to trees, flowers, and border plants for your yard or garden. No matter what color or sizes you are looking for, you can find several plants that will make your outdoor space one of a kind. 


 Rose of Sharon is a beautiful shrub with bright blue flowers that bloom in summer and fall. These plants look lovely in front of houses and can be planted near a window to give you more privacy. Rose of Sharon plants also make great borders and are deer resistant. The shrub can thrive in both sun and shade and grows to under 20 feet at maturity. 


 Hydrangeas are another popular shrub for zone 8. The pretty white flowers bloom in spring and summer, and the plants grow well in partial or full sun. Hydrangea plants make excellent hedges and can handle long periods of drought. They are easy to grow and are deer resistant, which is a plus if you have deer in your area. 


 If you're looking for ornamental grass, pink muhly grass is an attractive choice. The grass will likely get the attention of your friends and family as they approach your property due to its wispy texture and pinkish-purple color. Pink muhly grass needs full sun to grow and can tolerate dry conditions and soil well. Be sure to cut the grass back at the beginning of spring to keep the grass growing consistently. 


 Hepatica flowers are another eye-catching bloom that adds vivid blue color to your landscape. These ground covers sometimes display lavender flowers as well, and some rare versions of the plant have pink or white blooms. Hepatica flowers bloom in the spring and need full or partial shade, as well as acidic or neutral soil, to thrive. The flowers attract butterflies to your yard as well, which can create a beautiful scene when you're spending time outdoors. 


 The Least light bluet works well for an outdoor garden of any size. These delicate flowers are purple, blue or lavender, and bloom in spring or summer. The perennials need full sun to grow, but can also develop well in partial shade. Bluet flowers work well for lining the patio or walkway, since they are small but add visual interest and color to your landscape. 


 These are just a few of the zone 8 plants we offer. Our qualified nursery staff is happy to help you select the plants that fit your personal style and gardening needs.


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