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We have selected plants that will be perfect for your state.

Any of these ten options could work in your Tennessee yard. Of course, you must be sure of light, soil, and water conditions. Plus, you have to be sure you can adequately care for and maintain the bushes, shrubs, or trees that you're considering. In addition to the details provided below, you can locate even more valuable information online. https://www.tnnursery.net/buy-plants-for-your-state/


 1 Black Oak Tree 


 They can grow two feet every year, and they reach heights between 30 feet and 70 feet. Each year migrating birds will rest in them, and many birds regularly reside in these trees. 


 2 Boysenberry Bush


 You can make fresh jams, jellies, and pies with the fruit yielded from this plant. Also, enjoy this bush when used as a border in your yard. Expect your plant(s) to reach a height and width between five and six feet. 


 3 Daffodils 


 You should love their yellow or white blooms. If you're looking for a pop of color to return every year, you should consider daffodils. Plus, you can expect this plant to multiply quickly. 


 4 Hickory Tree 


 This tree matures to around 60 to 80 feet in height with a width of approximately 40 feet. Squirrels and wild turkeys are attracted to their nuts. Also, blue jays and woodpeckers are known to enjoy the hickory tree. 


 5 Maple Tree 


 Look forward to their leaves that produce lovely colors and plenty of shade. In the fall, you will appreciate the rich red that stands out on this tree's branches. The maple tree can reach a height of at least 20 feet and expands up to 50 feet. 


 6 Hydrangea Shrubs


 Place them in an area with partial sunlight. Even if you opt for a specific color, know that soil condition can alter your blooms' hue. You should love any of the blue, pink, purple, or white variations. When cut, they also look great placed in your vases inside your home.


 7 Reindeer Moss


 If you're looking for an attractive ground cover, you should consider reindeer moss. You can even use this plant in specific recipes. Add it to areas where you need to improve soil moisture to help other plants thrive.


 8 Shortleaf Pine 


 This pine grows anywhere between 80 and 100 feet tall and about two to three feet wide. If you would like to attract bobwhite quail, deer, or wild turkeys, you should consider adding this tree to your yard. 


 9 Walking Fern 


 Place this plant in partially lit to shady areas, and enjoy the green color and interesting leaf shapes. Plant it with mossy ground cover to display it in its natural setting. You also might notice more frogs and turtles on your property. 


 10 Bird's Foot Violet


 This perennial only grows to about four inches tall. They look best in garden beds, hanging baskets, or planters. Bees, birds, and butterflies are attracted to this plant. 


 Ten Great Plants for Your Yard 


 You also have other options you can select. https://www.tnnursery.net/buy-plants-for-your-state/ However, we have chosen plants that will be perfect for your state. The ten above are some of your most popular Tennessee landscaping solutions from which you can choose. Enjoy your new additions! 


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