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Native Plants

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Native Plants create a stunning landscape

If you want to create a beautiful garden that fits right in with your local landscape then our native plants are exactly what you need. We stock affordable native plants that suit every US zone and we offer low grower price every day. Need bulk quantities? No worries. We also offer fantastic discounts on bulk purchases.

Native Plants should be purchased from someone you trust

When it comes to buying native plants, we know you want to buy from a native plants nursery that you can trust to sell you hardy, mature plants that suit your location and are good for the environment. So we’re happy to report that we take great care to harvest propagation stock in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

We source propagation from a wide variety of locations so no one ecosystem is negatively impacted by the removal of lots of seeds or cuttings etc. We also take care to source propagation stock from every US zone so that we can grow plants that are perfectly adapted to each USDA hardiness zone that’s represented in the US. That means when you order from us, we can send you plants that are not only hardy to your zone but are also well-adapted to your climate.

Native Plants are specific to most locations

Because we grow almost all our native plants ourselves, we cut out the middle man and can pass on the resultant savings with everyday low grower prices. While other native plant nurseries sell cheap, weak native plants that wither as soon as you plant them, we sell affordable native plants that are well cared for, hardy to your climate and are strong, healthy and mature. For instance, our flowering native plants are blooming-age, which means they’re mature enough that they can flower the year they’re planted.

And when you buy in bulk, we’ll reward you with fantastic wholesale discounts no matter whether you’re a home gardener or a landscape architect sourcing native plants for a large commercial project.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on hardy natives, all our native plants look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a beautiful price.