NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Shop For Mosses Perfect For My Planting Zone from Tn Nursery

Moss is the perfect evergreen ground cover staple. Have you ever enjoyed strolling along a nature trail and paused to admire the soft, lush green colors of mosses? These beautiful plants furnish outstanding ground cover. Now our TN Nursery has a zone finder tool. You can choose mosses correctly selected for your planting zone!

Select The Best Mosses For Your Garden Zones 

Around the world, botanists have discovered many different types of mosses and lichens. The online encyclopedia Wikipedia reports scientists have identified some 12,000 species of this plant. Beautiful and well adapted to various climatic zones and terrains, mosses today frequently enrich scenic gardens and wooded backyards.

With so many different types of moss plants on Earth, it only makes sense to employ a zone-finding tool to locate the lovely mosses best suited to your area. You'll significantly increase your chances of enjoying gardening success by using this tool. It helps saves customers a lot of research and effort.


Select Some Lovely Moss Plants Today!

As you know, our TN Nursery has a zone finder tool. You can choose mosses correctly selected for your planting zone when you shop with us! We want to ensure customers know why we offer this valuable assistance. Using the zone finder, you'll discover the types of beautiful and exciting mosses that thrive in your planting zone.

After you use our planting zone finding tool to search for mosses, choose the ones you prefer. You'll likely discover these plants in our inventory. Go ahead and order your moss plants with confidence. You won't need to worry. You've selected a moss better suited to some other region. The plants you order should grow very well in your yard if you follow recommended care guidelines for them.

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Our Tennessee nursery takes tremendous pride in lovely marketing plants (including mosses). Go ahead and use the zone finder now. Then reserve your mosses today!

Moss for My Zone is Available to Purchase from Tn Nursery with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates