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Blueberry Plants

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Blueberries and Why You Should Plant Them
For the last 100 years or so, blueberry shrubs have been domesticated, grown, and enjoyed by many people all over the world. The plant itself naturally possesses groups of functional characteristics. The small berries contain outstanding nutritious properties like Anthocyanins and Flavonoids, which are antioxidants that promote improved eyesight and memory. The leaves of the shrub can be used to make a tea, which is said to help prevent cancer and improve heart health.

Due to the increased awareness of the health benefits and beauty of blueberries, growing blueberries domestically has become more popular in recent days. Cultivators have paired multiple variations together, like a Rabbiteye Blueberry shrub grown near Low Bush Blueberry, promoting increasing yields to box blueberry and adds beautiful white and blue colors to the floral aesthetics of your garden. In the winter, blueberry bushes will fall into a slumber, and their limbs will turn to a red and brownish complexion, a thing the Low Bush Blueberry shrub is well known for.

Blueberry bushes are perennial and can produce fruit for 30 years if kept in proper care, and to a great extent, decrease the opportunity cost when planting two or three blueberry shrubs in your garden.

They operate within convenient and reliable cycles. Every Spring, light-colored flowers begin to bloom in clusters along the larger limbs, later becoming growth sites where blueberries form. Just before ripening, the Rabbiteye Blueberry fruits change to a pinkish color, resembling the eye of a white rabbit, giving your garden another intriguing and royal color to express. The average time of year to harvest blueberries in late July through August to box blueberry.

Planting a few blueberry bushes in your garden undoubtedly has its perks. It adds beauty to your yard, it produces year after year, and blueberry plants provide incredibly healthy foods that can help improve your life and bring more enjoyment to your diet.