Blooming Season

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Blooming Season

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1. Orange Daylilies

2. Buttercups

3. Trilliums

4. Violets

5. Virginia Spring Beauty

Blooming season are plants that bloom in specific seasons from Tn Mail Order Nursery.

Hardy Geraniums (Geranium)

Hardy Geraniums are considered the actual species of geranium. Hardy Geraniums are also known as Perennial Geraniums, True Geraniums, and Cranesbill Geraniums, referring to its seed pods that resemble a crane’s bill. The Hardy Geranium is typically a dense and low-growing plant that carpets the ground with a lavish profusion of flower cups. Flowers hover over foliage on delicate stalks. Flowers are profuse 1-inch cups that attract beneficial bees and butterflies. Flowers present in hues are white, pink, magenta, purple, and blue. The Hardy Geranium foliage is typically in a lobed or serrated pattern of bright green. Plant height is 3 to 24 inches with a general spread of up to 4 feet.

Blooming  Season Varies with the Type of Plant and the Climate - Tn Nursery has all types of sale types

Its ease of care further amplifies the beauty of the Hardy Geranium once the plant is established. To promote a prolonged blooming period and avoid leggy stems, the Hardy Geranium can be sheared back to its basal growth once blooms have faded. The health of this plant can be supported by division every 3 to 5 years, especially if brown sections appear in the center of the plant. The division is by rhizomes. Newer species of Hardy Geraniums produce mid-summer blooms that repeat throughout the fall growing season. Its beauty can be seen on hillsides and rock walls where its billowing flowers stand out.

Bloom Season is for growing, not planting

Traditional pairing is under rose bushes, but it is equally attractive in landscape beds weaving through other perennials of different textures and heights. The plant can be started from seed, but it is best to purchase as container plants. For dynamic flower displays, the Hardy Geranium prefers full sun to partial shade. The Hardy Geranium prefers well-drained and average rich soil. Ideal soil pH is preferred at neutral to slightly acidic. Provide additional watering in full sun and hot regions, but the foliage is susceptible to mildew and rust if too much water is provided in areas of partial shade. The plant is deer resistant. Hardy Geraniums are perennials in most zones with USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 8.

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