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Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly Bushes are some of the most magnificent looking and easy to take care of flowers there are.

The blooms come out in late summer in a variety of colors, including pink, white, red and purple. The grayish green leaves can grow to 4-10 inches in length and 1-3 inches in width. While the bushes are easy to grow, there are tips you can follow to get the best blooms.

When choosing a site to plant your Butterfly Bushes, you should take some care. They will grow in just about any soil but need a spot that gets total sunlight exposure.

You will get the most beautiful blooms from your Butterfly Bushes if they are in soil that is well-drained and consistently moist. The area where they are planted also needs to be protected during the winter months.

You can plant butterfly bushes in the fall or spring. Each variety is different, but generally, they should be planted anywhere from 5-10 inches apart from each other. Once the site is chosen using the above criteria, you should till the soil to a 12-inch depth with a mixture of compost and peat moss mixed in. A whole should then be dug that is twice the size of the root ball. When the plant is placed in the hole, the root ball top should be at the same level as the soil. Then you will cover the root ball with soil and water well before a layer of mulch is lightly placed on top.

Once Butterfly Bushes have begun to flourish and bloom, they do not require a lot of maintenance. They stay naturally free of pests. Each spring, a fresh layer of fertilizer should be applied to maximize the blooms. You should remove dead flowers and leaves to promote the growth of additional blooms. Do not be alarmed if the bush dies down to a grown level each winter; this is normal for most climates. If you live in a region where they do not naturally die down each winter, you should prune them to the ground at that time. Beautify your garden with these grand and accessible buses today.

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