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Bushy Bluestem - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Bushy Bluestem (Andropogon glumeratus) 

 Bushy Bluestem is a unique and attractive perennial plant that belongs to the Andropogon glomeratus species and Poaceae family of grass; it is widespread and native to America; however, you can also find it in other areas.

It usually grows in moist or semi-moist soils. It has many benefits, including providing shelter, food, and nesting material to wildlife. It attracts birds and insects for pollination, and it can also be used as ground cover and supports many skipper larvae. 

The grass is usually known for its low maintenance feature, and it naturally adds a beautiful texture to the landscape. It naturally grows in well-drained soil and can grow aggressively in favorable conditions. It can grow in a container; however, it must be kept evenly moist. The fertilizer requirement is slow-release, medium rate fertilizer, and has no significant pest. 

Bushy Bluestem can be used to control erosion on banks 

Many people find this grass beautiful, and when planted, it will keep your mouth agape with its uniqueness; for those doing projects in storm water management, this is an excellent plant. The plant is resistant to black walnut, deer, pollution, and wet soil. The leaves are deciduous, hairless, 3/8 inches wide, green in summer, and turn to copper-orange in fall; they retain their color throughout the season. The flower is attractive and has a beard-like appearance; it blooms from September to October. The inflorescence looks good in dry arrangement and has dense clusters. The fruits become visible from October to November.

This plant can be a great companion for plants like Prairie Blazing star, Gay feather, and many more; since they grow in a similar plant pattern, they tend to give a beautiful sight and quality cover layer.  It can be significantly used for naturalizing a landscape area and can be used around fountains or the back of the rain garden. You can very well use it to control erosion on banks. You don’t need plenty of plants to get the seed, and a single plant can provide enough seeds for an entire landscape.

You are looking for an impressive plant to add nature to your environment, consider Bushy Bluestem, decorative glass for moist soils. It is a warm-season grass plant naturally known for its clump-forming nature. It forms a sturdy and upright tuft of fall and flat leaves blades. The flowering stems grow in late summer to early fall featuring densely clustered small yet attractive panicles; It naturally grows in swamps, wet savannas, depression funds, and other wet-disturbed areas.

Thanks to its low maintenance, it usually requires less care and is pest and disease-free. The benefits of this plant can never be outnumbered, including providing shelter for small animals and food for birds and having potential as a noxious weed. 


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Reviews (3)

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    Posted by Donald James on Jan 11, 2022

    Excellent value. It has a lower cost of production than other options.

  • 4

    Posted by Chuck Walker on Jan 09, 2022

    I made this ready for a grand event with family in our farm house. I have this maintained for many years and it has survived well. Thank you TN nursery for making me a satisfied gardener.

  • 5

    Posted by Chuck on Jan 08, 2022

    I made a beautiful corner like a mini stream and have this bushes along the side to keep it moist and hydrated. Am thankful to TN nursery for providing me a good selection that can recreate my garden. You have the best support staff from logistics to handling of shipment. Many thanks.


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