NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Under 10 Feet

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Under 10 Feet

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Tall plants are found in landscapes that favor privacy. From privet plants to burning bush to fern plants, these shrubs and perennials act as buffers that protect lawns and yards from neighbors, road noise and other distractions. At the same time, these perennials are not over-sized for the area. If you are interested in incorporating some privacy into your garden or yard, then consider some of these favorite plants that grow under 10 feet in height.

Privet plants are perfect hedges that do well in all climates within the continental United States. Not only do they remain green throughout cold months, but they are also very adaptable to pruning. These plants are often used in topiary gardens and other formal landscapes.

Under 10 Feet flowering plants , Shrubs & Bushes are perfect for small areas

Hydrangeas are especially suited for warmer climates where their growth is not interrupted by cold spells. These flowering, broad-leaved plants are perfect for borders. Hydrangeas bloom in colors ranging from blue to purple to pink to white, making them an ideal complement to annual flower beds and other cottage-style landscape plans.

Burning bush plants grow in every climate but their primary season of interest in the fall. During the autumn these easy to prune plants burst into vibrant shades of orange and red. They transform a border area into brilliant display from October through Thanksgiving.

Under 10 Feet bushes & shrubs

Perennials are often associated with ornamental grasses and prairie flowers like bee balm, ox-eye daisies, cone flower, and others. These plants return year after year to reach heights up to 5 feet. They are excellent cover for backyard fences or hard scapes in need of camouflage. They complement smaller flowers and annuals, bringing texture and color to your garden.

Fern plants are not often considered useful for privacy or height, but they are worthy of consideration. They do well in containers as well as gardens. This makes them suitable for indoor alcoves and office decor as well as outdoor patios and pool areas.

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