Planting seedlings are a good alternative because if they are all grown together, then they grow at the same rate. Once mature they can create a full look. Small animals feel safe in this tree.

Burr Oak Tree Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun


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Burr Oak Tree Seedlings

This tree is one of the slowest growing oaks, desirable for its tolerance of different soil conditions due to its long taproot. With a lifespan of 200-300yrs. Reports have shown this tree growing to massive sizes of 120ft. And it is the most western growing of all the oaks reaching all the way to the foothills of the Rockies. The Bur oak is an excellent tree in urban conditions able to withstand changing soil conditions caused by the changing lives of the people around them. It is found to be fire resistant and can withstand air pollution. Having medium gray rugged bark and wood that is high quality and usually marketed as "white oak." Branches are very stout lending it to a more rounded shape with age. Leaves are variable in the way being 3-6in long and 2-5in broad with a lobed margin.

Burr Oak Seedlings will flower a beautiful male catkin being greenish-yellow and female is slightly reddish (a catkin is a cylindrical flower cluster with no petals) in the spring.

The flowers will produce large acorns (0.8-2in long 0.8-1.5in broad) that are food for squirrels, wood ducks, wild turkeys, whitetail deer, and rabbits. The leaves will give a cup shape around the flower for this reason it has also been known as the Mossycup Oak. The Burr oak would make an awesome addition to any landscape. Along with this tree's strength, it will provide a dense sizeable shaded area perfect for relief from the summer sun in any yard. This tree also makes an ideal windbreak in large fields and farmsteads due to its large size and deep rooting. This tree produces a bold statement in any setting with its massive trunk, burly branches, and hammered tipped leaves.

Burr Oak Tree Seedlings are not often seen in the urban landscape but is making a strong comeback due to its strength and versatility.