Burr Oak Tree

Burr Oak Tree

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Height At Maturity:
Over 20 Feet

November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun








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Burr Oak Tree

Would you like to add more shade trees to your yard but not sure which ones to pick? Well, the Burr Oak Tree grows to be around 70 to 80 feet tall and will increase an average of a foot per year. The branches spread out like an umbrella, so to speak, which makes it beautiful if you like to have a picnic table under some shade trees.

When planting this type of tree, no need to worry if the soil you are placing it in is the right kind or not as the Burr Oak Tree will adapt to its surroundings and grow just fine. This tree will also attract a lot of different wildlife like squirrels, birds and other small animals which will be amazing to watch.

Burr Oak Tree reaches great heights and grows slowly.

When you look at these trees, it almost reminds you of painting with it's pretty leaves expanded out so beautifully. This type of tree also is a nice one for the children if they like to climb as the lowest part of the branches are close to the ground. Families will enjoy this tree when the shade is needed. The Burr Oaktree has a long lifespan that gives it a very majestic appeal.  Perfect for use as a windbreak, a shade shelter area, or as a gorgeous ornamental, this tree is picturesque.

The Burr Oak grows an impressive bright green mantle and an immense trunk.

Unlike many other types of Oak trees, the Burr Oak will adapt to most types of soil making it ideal for any region from urban or rural. Another attractive display can be seen during the fall months when the Burr Oak leaves transform into a blanket of multi-shaded yellows. Acorns can be harvested after maturity of ten years is reached.

Zone: 3-8
Mature Height: 70'-80'ft
Mature Width: 70 to 80 feet
Shape: Bulky
Growth: slow growing with gaining about a foot per year
Sunlight: full sunlight areas
Soil: This plant will adapt to all different types of soil
Wildlife: attracts birds and squirrels
Botanical Name: Quercus macrocarpa

Burr Oak Tree