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Build A Water Garden Successfully

Build A Water Garden Successfully

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 17 , 2014

Building a garden pond in your landscape might seem overwhelming, but with a plan, one can turn heads. 

Determine where to put the pond. Once you have considered everything such as the sun, soil and things that are in the area such as trees or rocks, you need to stake out the territory, so you know where to dig and also get an idea of what size to be. 

After you have staked the area out, you can start digging. Usually anywhere from three to five feet down will be sufficient for most ponds. If one chooses a liner, check so there is no chance that a leak will happen. Next, you will want to attach the pump to the water tank that you will be using. Most of these come with a hole for this to be inserted. Lay the pump hose along the bottom of the pond so that it will start the water placing, and you can place stones around the house to hold it in place. After you have secured the pump and hose and water are flowing nicely, begin to add the water plants.

Choose plants that grow well in a very moist environment. Have a plan on where these will be placed and talk with someone at your local nursery to see what works in your climate area and your particular landscape. Once you have planted what you desire, and everything looks good, turn your water on and let your pond become a fantastic focal point in your landscape. Make sure to check on its functioning every few days and to make sure the water stays nice and clean. Water gardens are a place for you to relax and enjoy your natural area with the lovely sound of running water right next to you. Water ponds and water features can make an area relaxing and enjoying.

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