Andropogon Virginicus- Broomsedge

Andropogon Virginicus- Broomsedge

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Height At Maturity:
Under 3 Feet

Year Round

Full Sun

Deer Resistant

Pond & Water Gardens

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Andropogon Virginicus

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Andropogon Virginicus- Broomsedge, it is a common grass species also known as yellow sedge bluestem or broomsedge bluestem. In the country of Australia, it is referred to as whiskey grass due to its general use as a means to package and secure American whiskey bottles. The grass is native to most areas within the southeastern part of the United States, with it even reaching as far north as Michigan and the Great Lakes region. Andropogon Virginicus is also quite common in the US states of California and Hawaii, where it is classified as a non-native or introduced species. A Detailed Look at Andropogon Virginicus Andropogon Virginicus is a perennial plant.

During the early part of its growth cycle, it usually develops into small clumps of stem clusters.

At peak maturity, the stems eventually grow to just over 3 feet or 1 meter tall. The grass usually starts its life cycle as a vibrant green color, however, as it ages the grass turns to purple and orange and then eventually a straw color as it dies. What is noteworthy about Andropogon Virginicus is that it produces an unusually high volume of seeds for a grass species. Once formed, the seeds are dispersed far and wide by passing wind currents. Andropogon Virginicus- Broomsedge Durability The Andropogon Virginicus' ability to grow in harsh conditions and poor soil has given it a reputation for being a particularly resilient species of grass.

The grass also has a very high germination rate, as well as a high rate of seedling survival.

 It is generally considered to be easy to control in a landscaping environment where it is often used as an ornamental plant. In addition to being used for landscaping purposes, Andropogon Virginicus is also grown in areas prone to soil erosion, as the grass has strong roots and can stay anchored to the soil even in the harshest weather conditions. It is a wonderful addition to any landscape. Andropogon Virginicus- Broomsedge