Brome Sedge Grass-6-12"

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Latin Name-Carex Bromoides Hardy Zone- 2-10 Mature Height-1-2ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Brome Sedge

Broomsedge is a beautiful perennial burst of color that has grown wild in fields and pastures for generations. However, once it was discovered how easy it was to grow and what an excellent soil is stabilizing plant it could be, it has become a staple in dry areas. What is even more wonderful is that it does remarkably well in wet areas, also, making it a beautifully colored plant for any landscaped yard or garden. Animals do not seem to like the taste of it, so there is virtually no worry in deer or others eating them down. This clump-forming, warm season grass has a gorgeous golden yellow color in the spring and warm reddish-tan color in the fall and winter. Even though the plants do spread, clumps can be divided in the fall/winter and added to new spaces to add even more color to your garden areas. It can flourish in almost any environment. Florists have discovered the natural beauty Broomsedge and frequently add to flower arrangements which add an incredible color. This is a simple and easy plant that can add elegant beauty to your home.Brome sedge is a small grassy perennial plant. This plant is native to the United States, so it grows very well here. This makes it a perfect flower bed plant. Choose Native Grass to enjoy around your home and in your water gardens.These plants will be beautiful around your pond or lawn.  They will give your area a natural look. Native Grass will add beauty to your lawn or ponds These plants will add that special touch to your lawn or pond.  These plants will also grow well on your lawn and will help with soil erosion. 


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