Brandywine Maple

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 45-50 ft Width- 15-20 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade


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Brandywine Maple

 Brandywine Maple is a great choice for landscaping projects and also looks amazing as it grows and matures on lawns.  It provides bright and vibrant color during the fall months as the leaves begin to change to red, orange and yellow.  It also looks fantastic during the spring and summer and makes a wonderful shade tree to enjoy on those hot afternoons and evening during the summer.  It normally blooms during the early part of spring and provides a lot of beauty.   It loves to be planted in various soil conditions and is very easy to grow and maintain.  These trees are great as they attract smaller wildlife when grown such as squirrels and also a wide variety of birds.  They also offer excellent curb appeal to homes and supplies lots of beauty throughout the entire year.  They are great as they are very sturdy and hardy trees when fully mature.  This is a wonderful way to bring life and vibrancy to all locations where they are planted.  It is an excellent choice for homeowners as these trees do not take a lot of care or maintenance as they grow to become spectacular on a lawn.  They ship in bare root form to the consumers that order from this great online nursery. The Brandywine red maple tree provides great shade during the hot summer months before its leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall. This tree holds onto its leaves longer than most before they eventually become a purplish red and fall off. This tree grows to be about 25 feet tall with a full 12-foot crown. It prefers slightly acidic soil, but it is very adaptable. Likewise, it prefers to be planted in moist soil, but it will tolerate dry periods once established. This tree loves the sun, but it will do well in partial shade.



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