Brake Fern

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Brake Fern

Brake Fern is often referred to as Table fern and has the botanical name of Pteris cretica. Thie Brake Fern is a common favorite as a houseplant in any home. The Brake Fern originated in the Southern Mediterranean, so it enjoys light and moisture. They require moderate to bright indirect light, and it thrives under fluorescent light. Keep the potting mix lightly moist at all times, being careful to not over or under water. They prefer moist air, do this by placing the pot on a tray of wet stones and misting the foliage when humidity drops in winter. The Brake Fern is most comfortable between 50°F/ 10°C and 70°F/21°C. Plant in a good-quality potting mix that drains well. With a height of six to two ft, this Brake Fern is the perfect size to accent any room.

Common Name: Spider Brake or Spider Fern
Sun Exposure: Light Grows in the shade, ideally in the woods and along moist banks.
Hardiness Zones:6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Mature Height:1-2 feet
Spread:to 1 foot
Spacing:24-36 in. (60-90 cm)
Growth Rate:Year 1-2 ft.
Flowering Time: After a few months, you will begin to see a green mossy growth on the soil
How Long It Flowers: 90 days
Flower Color: green
Soil Requirements: Grows well in rich nutrient heavy soil.
Pruning: it is best to space it out over a week or so to limit the amount of shock to the plant.
Flower Form: The root of the plant is short and stumpy. It is either right on the surface or just below it. The base of the leaves are very hairy, and the crown is brown. Each fond is full, and they are spread out. It is mostly green and is a gorgeous plant that thrives off arsenic and uses it to grow.

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