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Bradford Pear Tree

Bradford Pear Tree

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31 , 2016

The scientific name of Bradford Pear Tree is Pyrus Calleryana. It is found in almost all the states of US and can be grown across zones 6 – 9. 

They are quite adaptable and can be grown in nearly all the regions. Bradford Pear tree wears beautiful white color during the spring season that gives it a distinctive appearance. Bradford Pear Trees are very attractive and can be grown across driveways, streets and in gardens as well.

The Bradford Pear tree is a mid-sized tree and grows about 40 feet in height. This tree has beautiful smooth leaves which can red, maroon, pink, purple or orange during autumn. It indeed is a perfect tree to be grown in a home garden to enhance the landscape. The Bradford Pear Tree spreads about 25 – 30 feet in width.

The tree is narrow and has a pyramidal shape, broad from below and thinner on top. The Bradford Pear Tree is perennial and is a species of China and Vietnam. They have an active growth rate during the spring and summer time. They are dense and remain green during winters.

The Bradford Pear Tree can grow in most soils. However, the moist and well-drained soil is preferred. They can adapt to the course, medium and fine soil as well. The soil pH level can be between 5.0-7.5 to grow them. They have a good lifespan of about 25 years. Pyrus Calleryana is tolerant to the low fertile soil as well.

Bradford Pear tree stands erect, however; it can get damaged during storms and strong winds. This tree is used by birds for nesting because of the density of leaves. This tree is available in most of the retail and wholesale nurseries in the United States.

You can plant Bradford Pear Tree in your backyard for an amazing effect and most of the people passing by will turn their heads to look at this wonderful tree.

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