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Blue Wild Indigo

Blue Wild Indigo

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31 , 2016

Who doesn’t love walking through a large, vast field and seeing the small purple and green plants thriving so well everywhere?

Blue Wild Indigo plants seem to thrive well anywhere that they can get sun and acidic soil. A lot of times this lush, green and purple plant will make for a great border around a rock garden, walkway or flower bed.

This plant is loved by many because it is native to just about anywhere and does well even without water. The Blue Wild Indigo does not do well cut freshly because as soon as the roots began to dry out, the plant and blooms turn quickly to a black, yucky look.

The Blue Wild Indigo has been used dried out in floral arrangements for many years as this plant does better when the blooms are dried out than cut fresh. It has been stated that for many years the Cherokee Indians use this flower’s dye and blue color as a clothing dye or paint.

The Blue Wild Indigo has a bloom that sits erect on the stem and has a deep, hearty root system. This plant does well in sunny areas and makes for a great groundcover thus, often time seen in open fields and around borders or walkways.

The Blue Wild Indigo plant can grow to heights of up to 5 feet and up to 3 feet wide. The Blue Wild Indigo is seen at heights of 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide, but the blooms can reach just a mere 1 inch tall. The blooms generally can be seen ranging from shades of various purples and blues, ranging from a deep dark purple to an almost blue color which gives it its name of the Blue Wild Indigo.

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