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Blood Root is a Medicinal Perennial

The scientific name for this plant is Sanguinaria Canadensis.

It is a flowering plant that can be found in North America from Florida to the Great Lakes and even Canada. The blood root plant has flowers that bloom from March to May and are white with yellow centers. The plant has a “rhizome” that is filled with orange-red sap. A rhizome is a part of the plant much like a root in that it is underground. You can find these plants in woods and along creek banks, but they do not grow in areas that are clearer like meadows. Native Americans used this plant in many ways.

They used it as a method of inducing vomiting, to help with respiratory issues and other reasons.

Blood root was used in early American as a cure for warts and is still used today for medicinal purposes. It is an ingredient in mole removal medicines sold on the market today. It has even been sold as a treatment in certain types of cancers, but blood root has no properties that can treat this disease.

Blood root is known to have a profoundly negative effect on skin. If this plant is used on skin, it can produce terrible scarring, painful burning and permanent disfigurement. This plant was also used by Native Americans as a red dye for clothing, baskets, etc. The reddish sap was used as a dye. Native Americans also used this dye in much of their art, such as drawings, pottery designs, etc. For other perennials like the blood root, check out our store.

Source of Information on Blood Root