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Mystery Plant Boxes - Signup Today For Some Not Advertised Rare and Exotic Plants

Our mystery plant boxes will be hand-selected plants for your planting zone. They will be a brilliant selection of plants that are not only best sellers, but you may get some rare and exotic plants that we do not advertise online.

How Our Mystery Plant Boxes Work 1. In spring, we will send you a large assortment of spring blooming plants, including perennials, wildflowers, and some bestseller-blooming shrubs. We will also throw in some native ferns, which will be perfect for your growing zone.

2. In Summer, we will send you an entirely different selection of plants that will be low maintenance for the summer months. Examples are beautiful ornamental grasses, native fern plants, elegant evergreen ground covers, and some berry plants or even trellis climbers full of mid-summer blooms and fragrant!

3. In the Fall, we will send you some all-time favorites like Fast Growing Trees, shade trees, and some that will offer vibrant fall foliage. Some shrubs like the fiery burning bushes and perhaps some evergreen hedges and conifers will stay lush and green all winter.

More Bang For Your Buck By Signing Up For Our Subscription Service

We will offer three packages, $39 per month, $49 per month, and a $69 per month subscription offer. It will be a subscription well spent. You will get at least double that annual amount in plants each time we ship our plants to you.

Our Subscription Is a Low Cost Option For Alot of Plants.So save 50% or more by joining our monthly subscription, and you will never have to worry about buying plants for specific areas; there will be a selection of all types of plants for all areas in your landscaping. To SIGN UP for our MYSTERY PLANT BOXES, just Click this link - https://www.tnnursery.net/mystery-pla...