Cherry Laurel

Growing Cherry Laurel | What to Know

Cherry laurel is the common name of Prunus Laurocerasus. It is an evergreen shrub native to the borders of the Black Sea.

It is used for many medicinal purposes. They produce berries that are red but later black upon ripening.

The berries ripen in August and can be consumed during the mid-autumn season. This plant grows as a shrub and can be pruned in various shapes.

The Cherry Laurel tree grows about 20-40 feet tall and is among the most pest-resistant trees than the other species of the Prunus genus. Cherry Laurel can be consumed as fresh fruit or dried for later consumption. This plant can grow in partial and complete sunlight. They need moist and well-drained soil to grow and produce white flowers during spring.

The leaves of this tree are used in herbal medicines as they possess antispasmodic and sedative properties. The leaves measure about 2-6 inches long and have smooth edges. The flowers have a pleasing fragrance.

Ornamental or Hedges

The Cherry Laurel can be planted in your garden as an ornamental plant. The shrubs can also be used as hedges to create partitions. It is considered that the seeds of this plant are poisonous; therefore, consuming seeds is not advisable.

The most popular forms of Cherry Laurel and Okame Cherry are the “Otto Luyken” and “Schip Laurel.” These are amongst the most popular shrubs in American home gardens. The tree is perfect for attracting birds to your garden as the birds love the fruit. It is advisable to prune cherry laurels whenever required as they may turn out to be very dense if it is not pruned.

Growing Cherry Laurel in your garden can be a great experience because of its scented flowers, evergreen leaves, sweet berries, and the chirping birds it attracts.

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