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Why Leaves Change in the Fall | TN Nursery

Why Leaves Change in the Fall | TN Nursery

Have you ever wondered why leaves change colors in the fall on trees?

It’s a simple process, actually; Simpler than you may think.

Photosynthesis is when plants turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar.

The chemical chlorophyll is what causes photosynthesis to happen. It is also the reason why leaves start as green.

Autumn Blaze Maple trees have gorgeous fall colors!

The leaves change their colors as the days begin to get shorter and shorter leading up to the fall. The lack of sunlight contributes to this process as well.

When all the leaves are gone during the winter, the trees will live off the food stored in them. Not all trees will change colors in the fall. Pines, spruces, firs, hemlocks, and cedars will stay green throughout the year; this is especially true in the South, where broad-leaf trees will remain green throughout the fall and winter months of the mild climate.

Meanwhile, in Northern states, the opposite may be true. The broad-leaf trees will lose their leaves instead of staying green and staying on trees. The dead brown leaves on trees, such as oaks, will remain on the trees until springtime. As mentioned above, weather can affect how long fall foliage may last. Northern states are most likely to see fall foliage in early fall. Many people are encouraged to enjoy it while it lasts because frost may hit early and often.

While in the South, where fall and winters are milder, changing the leaves usually doesn’t happen until the middle of the fall. Most of the time, the South’s high temperatures may go way into the late fall, contributing to late fall foliage. Because of this, it gives tourists time to enjoy the fall foliage into the latter months of the year. Temperature changes, the change from longer days to shorter days, and chlorophyll all contribute to changing the leaves in the fall. Burning Bush shrubs have vibrant fall foliage.

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