Warm Season Fern Favorites

Tn Nursery's Fern Choices Native fern plants are an environmentally-friendly way to purify the environment. Ferns remove toxins from the soil and promote shelter for local wildlife. When you plant ferns, you're helping improve air quality, reduce water pollution, and promote biodiversity. They are perfect for indoor pots, balcony gardens, and garden terraces. Support a sustainable environment [...]
Warm Season Fern Favorites

Tn Nursery's Fern Choices

Native fern plants are an environmentally-friendly way to purify the environment. Ferns remove toxins from the soil and promote shelter for local wildlife. When you plant ferns, you're helping improve air quality, reduce water pollution, and promote biodiversity. They are perfect for indoor pots, balcony gardens, and garden terraces. Support a sustainable environment by selecting a living plant to clean the air and ground. Native ferns are proven to be pollution fighters and work to reduce toxic accumulation in the soil. They also provide lush greenery, increased oxygen production, and diverse animal habitat.

Whether you are an avid novice gardener or a beginner, Tn Nursery has affordable ferns to fit your specific planting needs, plus fast and free shipping on orders of $99 or more. We ship plants to all states.

Best Selling Ferns Include:


Fiddlehead Fern

What's new in the world of veggies? Fiddlehead ferns are a crowning achievement for any chef. These delicate new shoots are full of flavor and texture with their green and purple hues. As we embark on our journey, the delicacy of us is captured in each package we send out to your kitchen or yours. As a highly perishable vegetable, fiddleheads are harvested for sale and distribution to local markets, mainly during the early spring when the shoots are still furled. The ferns are a delicious, nutritious, and aesthetically pleasing food in season for only a few short weeks each year. The curly, coiled fronds have a subtle taste that's hard to describe. The best way to enjoy them is blanched and served with butter, salt, and pepper. Fiddlehead ferns are a seasonal delicacy from the Pacific Northwest, with an earthy flavor that pairs well with any protein. These green shoots are packed with flavor, nutrients, and their short-lived season. Please do yourself a favor and get them while they last.


Maidenhair Fern

These delicate plants grow best in moist, well-drained soil. They prefer being grown in part shade or filtered sun and do not require high humidity to thrive. It can be grown in a container as a houseplant. People often ask what's the difference between ferns and maidenhair ferns. One is lush, very large, and often used in landscaping. The other is delicate, small, and perfect for terrariums. Our maidenhair ferns are grown in full sun, which means they grow without shade and thrive indoors or outdoors.


Giant Ostrich Fern

Matteuccia struthiopteris, an ostrich fern, is a shade-loving evergreen fern native to North America. It thrives in USDA zones 3-7 and grows up to 6 feet tall with a 2-meter spread. It prefers rich, moist soil and dappled sunlight or shade. You've been looking for a fern that doesn't need a lot of water. We have the perfect solution for you! Ostrich ferns grow in vase-shaped clumps without much need for pruning or thinning. These plants you've been looking for to put in that space. They're not just simple vines; they're beautiful ornamental plants with fantastic foliage and shape.



New York Fern

The New York Fern is a beautiful fern that often starts growing in the garden or house in the fall and then dies down in the late winter or early spring. It has a delicate, lacy appearance and is often used as an indoor plant. It is introducing a new perennial fern for your garden. The New York Fern is the perfect addition to any garden, attracting butterflies and providing a natural touch. This plant grows best in partial sun and cools moist soil, so it's great for your indoor garden. It is native to North America and the Eastern United States. It is found in moist, shady, deciduous woods and thickets from southern Canada to Georgia. It's time to take care of your indoor plant. The New York fern is the perfect plant to have its beauty surround you year-round. Grow it on your window sill, balcony, or on your desk. This easy-to-grow fern requires only a little water and light for the year. We are creating sustainable ecosystems, one at a time. We are on a mission to save ferns in the wild using our patented cultivation process and introduce them to gardens that need more life. With New York Ferns, you can bring the outdoors indoors and start your indoor garden today.


Hay Scented Fern

Hay scented fern is a beautiful, low-maintenance groundcover that's easy to grow and perfect for any garden. This groundcover is native to the northeastern United States and the Appalachian Mountains, so it thrives in the shade, overwintering well. Hay scented fern will creep by rhizomes to form a solid groundcover that few weeds can penetrate. The ferns have tiny scented needles on them. With our hay-scented fern, you can finally enjoy the beautiful wildflowers without worrying about weed growth. Hay Scented Fern is a resilient plant native to the northeastern U.S. and Appalachian Mountains that sends out shoots of rhizomes to form a solid groundcover that few weeds can penetrate. Hay Scented Fern is a creeping groundcover that's native to the northeastern U.S. From Georgia to Massachusetts, this perennial fern spreads and thickens with little weeding. It provides a soft, carpet-like understory for gardens and forest gardens. Hay scented Fern also makes a great houseplant.


Christmas Fern

With our collection of Christmas ferns, you won't have to. Our ferns come in various shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your home, whether it's a big room or small space. Please place them in your front windows to give the illusion of color year-round. These fronds are durable, glossy, and green throughout the entire year. We have them in large quantities to suit anyone's needs. They're easy to maintain and don't require any light. You can even place them in the office for a more vibrant atmosphere. They are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Take good care of it, and it will last a long time.

Tn Nursery has made it easy for you to choose the ferns that will work in your location by placing plants into categories like Fersn for Sun, Fern for Shade, and Easy Ferns To Grow. Choose Below The Type of Plants That Best Suits Your Needs:


Ferns For Shade

Shade ferns are one of the most popular plants for shady gardens, offering a lush, green canopy for your garden. Shade ferns grow well in moist soil and partial shade and can be used as a privacy screen. Shade ferns are a great alternative to other trees and shrubs since they provide much-needed shade for homes and offices. Shade ferns also help moderate the temperature on a hot summer day while providing a beautiful natural look. Shade ferns are both beautiful and functional. They can thrive in the shade or partial shade, which is perfect for those who don't want to deal with plants that need a lot of sunlight. Not only that, but they make significant security barriers, reducing the likelihood of someone wandering into your property and knocking on your door. Shade ferns are just what you need to create the perfect shady retreat for kids and pets to enjoy. Our shade ferns are easy to grow even in small spaces, with a low-maintenance, drought-resistant, & cost-efficient life cycle near 40 years. An excellent choice for your landscaping needs! The shade fern is a type of fern that can grow indoors or outdoors. It's a great plant to use because it helps provide shade, and it's also an air purifier.


Ferns For Sun

Sun ferns are plants that are ideal for sun areas. We offer a variety of ferns, including plants like lady ferns, bracken ferns, and maidenhair ferns. We have an excellent selection that will provide the correct type of plant for your needs. Bracken ferns (Pteridium aquilinum) are native to temperate forests of the Northern Hemisphere. They are evergreen, clump-forming plants with long, upright fronds that grow to 3 feet tall. Maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum) is a delicate-looking ground fern.

Shop for beautiful ferns for sun areas with our wide variety of ladies, bracken, and maidenhair fern varieties. These sun ferns are a great addition to any garden or terrace; these shade-loving plants are perfect for bringing life and color to your surroundings.

Easy Ferns To Grow

Who has time to take care of plants? Not you! Get sun ferns and let them take care of themselves. They're easy to grow and don't need fussing over. Add a pop of green with a new york fern, hay-scented, maidenhair ferns, or Christmas ferns. Mix and match and watch them grow. It's a beautiful world of ferns, sun ferns. It's time to grow them. These ferns are easy to grow and look great in your home. Sun ferns have varieties like the new york fern, hay-scented, and maidenhair ferns. In addition, we have Christmas fern that has beautiful red-brown foliage in the winter months. "I love my ferns," says one of our customers. "I will never buy a fern from the store again." We've got 18 different varieties ready to come home with you today. They're perfect for any room and last for ten years or more. Stop killing plants and start growing plants! Sun ferns are a beautiful way to bring freshness, color, and life to your home. All you need is some sunlight and water. These ferns are easy to grow indoors, including the new york fern, hay-scented, maidenhair ferns, and Christmas ferns.



Large Ferns

Are you looking for a large fern? Tn Nursery has giant ferns for large areas that need height and width. More enormous ferns include leatherwood, Christmas, and ostrich ferns grown locally. See us or place your orders securely online for fast delivery!

Ferns are one of the best plants for ground cover, and there's no better place to find the best variety than Tn Nursery. We have a wide selection of ferns that will meet your needs, from leatherwood and Christmas ferns to giant ostrich ferns. Receive quality plants at low grower prices, with quick delivery!

Leatherwood is a large fern that features soft, finely textured fronds. Christmas is a tough, durable fern that can grow in shady areas and makes a great hanging basket plant. The giant ostrich is the tallest of the large ferns with huge fronds.


All Ferns

Many people don't know about ferns' benefits to the environment.

One of the most environmentally friendly aspects of native ferns is their ability to remove soil toxins such as lead and mercury. Ferns absorb these toxins from their surroundings and leave them in their leaves, which humans can burn to prevent further exposure.

Native ferns are perfect for people who don't have the greenest of thumbs or those looking for a lower-maintenance plant. Native ferns are great for the environment because they promote habitat for reptiles and small animals and clean the air. They can also remove soil toxins from a polluted area and offer a home to many different species of ants so they can thrive without human interference. There are many benefits that native ferns offer to the environment. Native ferns are perfect for people who don't have the greenest of thumbs or want to spend less time maintaining their plants. They help improve air quality by removing certain pollutants from our surroundings and providing shelter and food to small animals like insects, lizards, and frogs. Native ferns are a great solution to help improve your indoor environment. They can do everything from removing soil and air toxins to providing refuge for small animals.



Below are some of our customer favorites of native ferns - orders yours today for fast shipping


Perennials & Fern Package

This package of ferns and perennials is trendy for all those gardeners and homeowners who want versatility in their landscaping. If you were to purchase these plants separately, this package would cost three times as much as what we sell this one for. We also consider what zone you are in and hand select plants that will work well in your particular zone. We always choose various colors and guarantee you will be pleased with the best sellers we ship to you.

Fern Grab Bag

Our fern grab bag consists of plants that will be hardy for your zone and grow well and please even the choosiest of gardeners.


Shade Fern 

We've put together some shade thriving fern plants that will be perfect in shade gardens.

Maidenhair ferns are also called Adder's Tongue Ferns because of their leaves, which resemble little snakes.

Ostrich Ferns are another type of plant that is sometimes planted as ornaments. They are available in different shades ranging from white to brown.

New York Ferns, which is also known as Asparagus Ferns, is one more type of fern that has been popular since Victorian times because it has a delicate


Sensitive Fern

Sensitive ferns make a perfect choice for the environment. They can remove air pollutants and clean the air of accumulations of dust and soot. Shield ferns thrive in shady areas, offer shade, maintain low water needs, and are very hardy. These factors make them easy to grow and maintain and make them popular for use in gardens that have trouble getting enough water. These ferns are perfect for those who want to take care of the environment and reap the benefits of natural cleaning. The shield fern is a perfect plant for those looking to provide clean air and make their surroundings more comfortable. These plants thrive in shaded areas and are hardy enough to grow, even in environments where other plants would not survive. The shield fern is an excellent example of a species that thrives in shady environments. These plants are perfect for cleaning the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, not to mention super hard and low maintenance.

Leatherwood Fern

The leatherwood fern is an elegant and long-lived native fern that features arching fronds in a vase-shaped clump. Leathery, deep green fronds of the leatherwood fern are soft to the touch and have a glossy texture.

This elegant native requires little maintenance, preferring moist soil in shady locations with filtered sunlight. The Leatherwood Fern (Polystichum lonchitis) is a native fern with an arching, vase-like shape and leathery fronds. It is found in moist areas with partial to full shade. Leatherwoods are often sold as indoor plants, but it grows best in moist semi-shaded areas in the wild. The plant can grow about 1.5 feet tall and 1 foot wide, though usually, it's much smaller. 



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