Spring Trends in Gardening to Be Aware of for 2022 and Beyond

Spring Trends in Gardening to Be Aware of for 2022 and Beyond

Spring Trends in Gardening to Be Aware of for 2022 and Beyond

Yes, the cold winter months are upon us, and most people aren't considering landscaping. They're thinking of shoveling driveways and staving off that frigid weather.

It is especially true as we enter yet another year of the pandemic when people are spending more time at home than ever.

1. Making the Most of a Small Space

One of the biggest trends is so-called "small space gardening." That means using succulents, herbs, and other plants to spruce up (no pun intended) an admittedly small space. It's a great way to give an older area a brand-new look and feel, which many continue to embrace.

2. It's All About Those Spring Bloomers

At TN Nursery, one of the recurring trends we've seen over the years in spring is people purchasing perennials, shrubs, and flowering trees. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about a daffodil or a dogwood tree; people embrace options that come with their sense of flair and color.

The thing to keep in mind here, however, is that you need to wait until the temperature reaches at least the high 40s consistently to plant them. You can purchase them now, but keep them in cold storage until we hit that point. A failure to do so would see them lose their dormancy, which would make them less likely to survive another cold snap.

3. Proactive Land Preparation

Of course, everyone pays so much attention to what they're going to plant that they fail to remember the element that ultimately matters most: the land.

In any environment where you're going to plant something, be it flowers or even a new patch of grass, things need to be adequately prepared. One should utilize Fertilizer right before planting, not months before. It is part of why it's advisable to have a rotation plan in place to ensure that the soil is always in an adequate condition. At TN Nursery, for example, we plant soybeans and wheat for six weeks before the rest of our crops.

As the warmer weather approaches, it's always important to get out there and till your soil and clear out any weeds you may find. You should proactively set up garden beds and prune trees well ahead when you want to plant.

4. Purchase Those Supplies Now

It's no secret that the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all. It's been a contributor to supply chain issues in almost every industry, evidenced during the holiday season in 2021.

Because of that, one should start thinking about what you need for your flower beds or gardens now - well in advance of when you'll need them.

It will be beneficial for a few different reasons. For starters, it helps ensure you have everything on hand when needed. You won't have to deal with potentially irritating delays when demand surges. Secondly, it can help you save on shipping ahead of what will undoubtedly be a high level of demand.

5. The Impact of Water and Fire

If you're planning on updating your garden this spring, consider adding some water or fire-based component. You could even do both if you have room for it. Various water features can be a great way to add a new dynamic to an environment, giving you and any potential gatherers something new to enjoy when you have parties or host other outdoor events.

6. Consider Indoor Options, Too

Despite the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus, more and more people are returning to work. Some will be scared about returning to the office, but never forget that the right flowers and other options can help put them at ease.

If you're decorating your office in anticipation of the return of your workforce, don't focus just on how something looks - focus on how it smells, too. Scents can alter how someone feels, and many people are already doing this in their homes. It makes sense to do it in the office, too. Try to pick plants and flowers that match the season that you're in. Pine trees during the winter would be the obvious example as far as that is concerned.

Ultimately, it's important to remember just how much of an impact your environment has on the life you lead. It is true in both a personal and a professional sense. Considering some of these trends and capitalizing on them in the new year makes it possible to create a better 2022 for us all.

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