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Magnolia Trees | Facts and Information

Magnolia Trees | Facts and Information

Monday, September 12

Ann Magnolia

Ann Magnolia is also known as Little Girl Hybrid Magnolia and is a cross between Magnolia Liliflora and Magnolia Stellata. Ann Magnolia produces gorgeous fuchsia or reddish-purple flowers during bloom.

It is a deciduous shrub or a tree that can grow up to 12- 15 feet in height and 8- 10 feet in width.

The flowers bloom from the spring season till fall, and their bright color makes the landscape lively and attractive. Ann Magnolias can be used in the home garden as a shrub border or even as a focal point specimen in the area. The vibrant flowers blend in well with almost any landscape or design that you have in mind.

Ann Magnolia grows well in sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. It can be planted in sandy, loamy, or clay soil. These plants need little care and maintenance, which makes them ideal for a home garden. Ann Magnolia thrives in acidic soil, which is fertilized with the correct quantity of fertilizers. There are several ways of planting Ann Magnolia. It can be grown by sowing the seeds in fall, grafting in winters, and propagating in summers. It can also be grown by layering the plant.

You should prune the plant annually to remove damaged branches. Pruning also helps in maintaining the shape of the plant. Like most other plants, Ann Magnolia is susceptible to diseases, pests, and insects. To provide healthy growing conditions, make sure to get rid of the pests and insects that can harm and damage the plant. Fungal spots, Powdery Mildew, and bacterial infection are the common plant diseases that can affect your plant, so use preventive chemicals in the prescribed quantities. Given the fact that Ann Magnolia needs less maintenance, it is a good option for beginners or, for that matter, anyone who is looking for a beautiful and bright-colored flowering shrub for their home garden.

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