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Guide to Native Wetland Plants | TN Nursery

Guide to Native Wetland Plants | TN Nursery

Having a pond or wetlands in your backyard not only helps to add to the beauty of your home but is another thing to which you can add your touch.

Planting various plants in and around your pond or wetlands can enhance its natural beauty.

If you are someone that enjoys landscaping and gardening, then you may want to think of your pond or wetlands as a garden or another landscaping project within your yard. Choosing the pond plants that will add just the right look is about the same as a garden. You want to try and add some plants that will flower with different colors and add some greens to it as well. As with any garden or landscaping project, you do not want to overload it with plants, but you want to have a variety of colors and looks.

Cattails are one of many favorite Donate Plants that will add to the look of any pond. Cattails are a plant that has excellent green, slender leaves along with a single spike that comes up amongst the leaves. This peak is brown until it flowers out, and then it becomes a fluffy type of seed that will float around in a breeze. A plant of this kind will help to give your pond a natural look.

When choosing plants for your pond or wetlands, you will want to find those that are native plants. It will help to ensure that your plants will be able to prosper within the wet conditions of a pond or wetland. There are a wide variety of native plants to choose from that will give you the look you want. Swamp Loosestrife is an example of a native plant. It grows well within a moist environment and can be in full or partial sunlight.

Other than adding color and a great look to your pond and backyard, wetland plants also give back to the wildlife and fish you may have. Lily Pads are a typical plant that is seen in lakes and wetlands. Besides the look you will get with this plant, it also gives waterfowl a place to hide. Fish can feed off of this plant, and it also has a way of bringing in other types of wildlife that you may not have had before. Lizard's Tail is another example of the high wetland plants that will give your pond a look you want but will provide something else as well. It has beautiful and unique flowers, and it also provides food to any fish you may have along with other water wildlife.

Having a pond wetland plants in your backyard is impressive in itself. It will look even better when you give it your touch by adding various plants.

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