Annuals Or Perennials - What to Pick

Annuals Or Perennials - What to Pick

Which are better, annuals or perennials? They provide two different types of solutions to your different landscaping needs.

Do you want instant color? Go for the annuals. Do you want a color that will come back year after year? Get a perennial.

Are you having guests for the weekend, and do you want something to stick in a window box and jazz up the place a bit? Annuals are perfect for needs like that.

On the other hand, would you like the flowers you plant now to grow, spread and add to the value of your property? Then put it in a perennial garden. For that quick window box, try a mix of flowering petunias. For the perennial garden you can enjoy for years to come, choose oxalis for a delicate appearance or the more significant, showier wood poppies, which are great self-seeding plants that love the shade. Find them both in our online plant nursery.

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