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10 Plants Are Hardy In Drought

10 Plants Are Hardy In Drought

Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Garden

Everyone loves to have beautiful garden plants, but growing one in environments with little rain or frequent droughts can make it difficult.

Even the most carefully tended garden plants can often wither or die in a sudden drought.

For those looking for hardy garden plants that can survive such conditions, here are some beauties for your consideration.

Yarrow is a beautiful, classic ‘desert flower,’ which comes in shades of yellow, white, red, pink, and orange and grows to heights of up to four feet. With fern-like leaves and clusters of flat-topped blossoms, yarrow is perfect for cutting and drying for crafts and arrangements. Yarrow blooms from midsummer to fall, providing months of color. For those who garden close to nature, an added benefit is deer, squirrels, rabbits, and many other pests will not bother this hardy garden plant.

Various sage varieties are another excellent choice for gardens in drier climates. Russian Sage, Bush Sage, Mojave Sage, and Meadow Sage are tough but lovely flowers that thrive with little water and poor soil. Meadow Sage comes in beautiful violet-blue shades, while Russian Sage comes in paler shades of violet. Bush Sage comes in shades of violet, from raspberry to deep violet as well. The lovely Mojave Sages offers beautiful pink blooms. The sages are also healthy garden plants that deer and other garden-destroying pests tend to steer clear of and have the bonus of attracting both hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.

Lavender is another beautiful garden plant that does it all: beautiful smells, lovely thrives when most flowers dry up, and can even be used in cooking and crafts. Despite the name, Lavender comes in various colors, including standard lavenders, blues, and white. Another hardy plant that tolerates various, often unwanted visitors, purple, is wonderfully versatile, looking beautiful in desert-like gardens and more lush climates.

A little-known but lovely perennial is Amsonia, commonly called ‘blue star’ for its beautiful flowers. Tough and hardy, Amsonia blues in late spring but also has the bonus of beautiful shades of gold in autumn. Resistant to rabbits and deer, this beautiful flower is also enticing to butterflies and hummingbirds, adding beautiful colors to your garden all year round.

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