Why you Should Grow Green Velvet Boxwood

Why you Should Grow Green Velvet Boxwood

Green Velvet Boxwood is a popular ornamental shrub grown for its attractive foliage. The leaves are dark green with a velvety texture. Boxwood plants are slow growing and can reach 3 to 5 feet, depending on the variety. They make a great addition to any landscape and may be employed to build hedges or borders. Here are eight benefits to growing Green Velvet Boxwood and Wintergreen Boxwood in your garden:

Low Maintenance

Boxwood requires minimal maintenance and is drought resistant once established. The shrubs require little pruning and can tolerate various soil conditions, making them easy to grow.

Attractive Foliage

The deep green foliage is attractive all year round, creating an eye-catching focal point in any landscape design.

Versatile Plant

Boxwoods can be hedges or stand-alone specimens and look great in formal gardens and landscapes. They are also deer resistant and won't get eaten by local wildlife.

Disease Resistant

Boxwoods are resistant to many common diseases and pests, making them an excellent choice for gardens in areas prone to disease.

Great for Topiary Projects

Boxwoods can be shaped into balls, spirals, and other forms, making them ideal for topiary projects. They respond well to pruning and will maintain their shape with minimal maintenance.

Fast Growing

Even though they are slow-growing plants, boxwood develops faster when grown in favorable conditions, like ample sunlight and routine watering.

Long Lasting

Boxwood is a long-lived shrub that can live up to 90 years or more if properly cared for.


Green Velvet Boxwood is an affordable shrub that adds value to any landscape. Due to their affordability, Boxwoods are easy to find in garden centers and home improvement stores.

If you want to make an eye-candy landscape in your home, try the fast-growing, disease-resistant velvet boxwood. It's a great addition to any outdoor space requiring minimal care and maintenance.