Virginia Bluebell Plant Information

Virginia Bluebell Plant Information

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 26, 2022

When Should Virginia Bluebell Plants (Mertensia Virginia) Be Planted?

Spring or fall is the best time to plant the Virginia Bluebell plants.

Are the Virginia Bluebell Plants Invasive?

No, they are not invasive and will not take over an area. In moist, rich soils, they are large but never invasive plants. They thrive and live deep on the forest floor, where the soil is rich and moist. They thrive near rivers alongside the water also.

Do Virginia Bluebells Spread Quickly?

No, these plants reseeded themselves and multiplied, but they are not aggressive. This plant is well noted for shade and moisture and does not grow in heavy sunlight.

When Do Virginia Bluebells Bloom?

The Virginia Bluebells bloom in late March to Early April. The blooms last 3-4 weeks.

Are Virginia Bluebells Easy To Grow?

The Virginia Bluebells are easy to grow as long as you plant them in rich soil with lots of shade.

How Deep Should I Plant Virginia Bluebells?

Virginia Bluebells must plant 2-3 inches below the soil's surface.

Are Virginia Bluebells an Annual or Perennial?

The Virginia Bluebell is a perennial plant with a long lifespan. It lives upto a decade and reblooms each Spring.

Where Can I Buy a Virginia Bluebell at?

TN Nursery

Wholesale Nursery Co

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