Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Review |

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Review |

Posted by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery on Dec 14, 2021

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery - Tn Nursery Reviews From Real Customers and Consumers Enjoying Our Plants In Their Landscaping. 68 Years and Growing

I love my perennials. I bought them last year and planted them right away. As you say, they all won't come up that season; sure enough, you knew! All of them, and it seems like more, came up this spring. Thank you, Tn Nursery. I will be back soon. Lisa Fishing, SC

Thanks For all your help in helping me figure out why my berry bushes were thriving but wouldn't have any berries on them. I added some lime and nitrate, and they now have tiny green berries! Can wait till they turn and ripen. Valerie Siler, Rhode Island

My red maple tree is growing well. I am excited to see the fall foliage colors on it. I wish you had more varieties of maple trees than you have. I called, and the lady said you only dealt in natives but kept this in mind, please :)

Lisa Newman, Myrtle Beach

I was shocked at how well my moss took right off and started growing. It's lush and green. What type of fertilizer do I need for it? Larry Dortch, NY

Pam said to buy orange daylilies, not yellow; Her's are beautiful and so showy. But mine are small. My plants are doing well, but her's are much prettier :)

Sally Sanford, WA

Tn Nursery - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Reviews From Real Customers

To start with, my wisteria blooms are sparse, but they are getting much fuller. You really can smell them from the moment we open our front door. I am very please this year with them. They are starting to get complete and pretty.

Tom Clark OH

My lovely blackberry and raspberry plants are thriving in my berry garden. I wish I'd ordered more from you, but I wanted to give them a try to make sure they did well in my zone first. Thanks for all your help too. I wish you the best in your business. You sure have some lovely gals working there, and they are eager to help me.

Raye Custer, Philly PA

I am happy with my purchase of plants. I will be a return customer. Gayle Pritchard, RI

Love Love Love my daffodils! I picked a bouquet in the snow today. My husband said, "I can not believe that we are enjoying a fresh bouquet in the snow. Carla Eckhart, IL

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