NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Nashville Songwriters that love Plants - Flowers and shrubs
For Songwriters, Everything’s Coming Up Roses, and Other FloraIt was country star Brad Eldridge who surprised passersby on Lower Broad Street by showing up unannounced and handing out flowers one sunny day two years ago in Nashville. But he wasn’t the first – and surely won’t be the last – to delight music fans with [...]
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Farming and Gardening for ​Agriculture's Sustainable Future
Agriculture's Sustainable Future In The Gardening WorldMuch is written about agriculture as the catalyst for civilization. Daniel Webster dubbed farmers as the founders of civilization. This understanding begs the question: if agriculture faces an uncertain future, what can be said of society on the whole? As a nation begun by farmers, the United States has [...]
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TN Customer Service - Email and call us anytime
The customer service for TN nursery is an outstanding feat that any site should feel privileged to have. This customer service can help with any ordering of garden plants that you may have.The site can help with questions about your order or if your order qualifies for a free shipping method. If you have a question [...]
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