NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Basics About Rose Varieties planting and growing
Roses are undoubtedly every gardener’s favorite and a garden is incomplete without these exquisite flowers. Roses are very diverse flowers with more than 100 varieties. They come in different color, sizes, and forms. Rose is a perennial plant and belongs to Rosaceae family. Roses come in different forms like shrubs, miniatures, and climbers. You can choose different [...]
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10 ways on How To Grow Healthy Roses. Visit TN Nursery
How to Grow Healthy RosesRoses may not be the easiest to grow, but the fact remains that the beauty and serenity of a rose garden are unparalleled. Watching a rose slowly unfurl its petals and release that trademark sweet fragrance in the air is an unforgettable experience. There is not any need for professional help if [...]
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10 Ways of Trimming Different Types of Roses
Trimming Different Types of RoseIt is a great idea to trim and prune those lovely rose bushes. This will help keep them healthy, and they will survive and grow great for you. Also before you trim and prune your roses, you will want to make sure you are doing it at the right time of [...]
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How to plant Bare Root Roses. Visit TN Nursery
Roses are a beautiful and wondrous flower that many gardeners and homeowners at least plant one of in their garden or landscape area. They come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes to suit any need or desire you may have.You can find super small shrub-like forms ranging in size. Some can be as large as a [...]
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