NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Creating a Fabulous Home Garden Design within`10 days
Monday, August 15Creating your Home Garden A garden is in fact a very key part in any kind of house. This serves like a great spot in which ones family is able to unite along with nature as well as provide area in which individuals are able to find peace whereas everything has become chaotic [...]
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5 Best Adventure in the Trees. Available at TN Nursery.
Have you ever sailed out of a tree on a zip line? It's becoming a popular pastime among the adventurous set. In any particular setting, they have hundreds of trees to choose from to set up their equipment.Some look for tulip poplar trees. This beautiful tree is also very sturdy. It turns out. It has a [...]
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Mosquito- Kinds, facts and life cycle. Visit us today
Wednesday, January 19It's hard to believe that there are any good mosquitoes out there. There may be one good one, though. Not only does it not bite, but it also eats the larvae of bad mosquitoes!Meet Toxorhynchites also known as a mosquito hawk. Strange that it can be one of the largest mosquitoes in existence, but [...]
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Nothing But Nuts ideas about your plants. Available at TN
Saturday, April 2You can eat them, and you can grow them, but what else can you do with a nut? You can carve it! The delicate art of nut carving is practiced in China and found in very few other places.Using hickory nuts and almonds, artists create intricate natural carvings out of this tiny snack. Even [...]
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TN Nursery Has Them For Sale - Trees Grow Wild
Wild trees denote thought of wild places.When one thinks of wild places, it is usually of the dense dark and dripping forests of the northwest of the densely wooded hills of the southern Appalachians, where there are still stands of virgin forest in locations so rugged that logging is nearly impossible. The wild trees are [...]
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