NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Native Plant Benefits support local ecology & saves water
Native Wild Plants, Many Species, and Lots of UsesAs their name suggests, native wild plants also contain wetlands. They are those that do best in wet soil or soil that’s topped with an inch or two of water. They are excellent plants to place at the margins of garden water features such as ponds, waterfalls, [...]
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Buying Plants From Online Wholesale Nursery Fast shipping
Growing plants and trees in your garden is a great way to spending quality time in doing something productive. Well- maintained garden with plenty of plants and trees not only enhances the landscape but also adds to the overall property value. It happens to be an asset, and people appreciate it.More and more people these days [...]
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All about the Red Cedar - Pros and cons. Available at TN
The Red Cedar Tree is a beautiful tree native to the United States.It grows best in climate zones four through nine and grows best in full sunlight environments. They can grow anywhere from forty to fifty feet in height and as wide as eight to fifteen feet once they reach maturity. They have a growth [...]
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Free Plant Donations at Tn Nursery. Visit our website today,
TN Nursery Offers Free Plants To Non Profit Organizations, Universities and B2BTN Nursery, a family-owned mail-order plant nursery based in Altamont, Tennessee, collaborates with public service and nonprofit groups to provide needed plants for various projects or research purposes.The nursery will donate and ship from its inventory of more than 500 plants to universities, government [...]
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