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The Wonders Of Mulch - Home and Garden Information. Visit us
Tuesday, July 26From the Ground Up- Understanding MulchMulch is an essential ingredient in beautiful gardens for more than just its looks. It serves many practical purposes, multitasking as a problem solver. Although many people don’t realize it, understanding mulch is very simple and easy to install.Benefits:It provides superior weed control. It reduces weed germination and [...]
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Newly Transplanted Trees require more frequent watering
Newly transplanted trees require a lot of care and maintenance to recover from the transplanting shock.Post-planting care and maintenance are crucial for the tree as it has to establish itself in a new location. If the tree is not dealt with care, then it might eventually die.The first couple of years are essential as this [...]
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Mulching Plants And Trees - How to do it? Visit TN Nursery
Mulching, if done correctly, can have many benefits for the garden.It is not a very technical thing, and you can easily apply mulch in your garden by yourself. It is essential to follow the correct technique and mulch accordingly to get the best results.Mulching refers to covering the soil surface with organic or inorganic mulch [...]
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Do You Know What Xeriscaping Is? Dry plant landscaping
Xeriscape is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means dry. Xeriscaping and zero gardening refer to landscaping and gardening in such a manner as to reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation.Areas that do not have a readily accessible, exemplary, or reliable source of freshwater need xeriscaping and zero gardenings. That [...]
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